Only People With Exceptionally High IQs Can Define These 18 Difficult Words

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How EXCEPTIONAL are you?

This quiz will prove who actually has an exceptionally high IQ by having them define 18 difficult words. Are you ready to find out if that's you?

 Oct 06, 2019

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Embezzlement (Noun)
A fraudulent way to receive funds
A substance with a soothing effect when applied to the skin
A mournful poem

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Debunk (Verb)
Playing multiple sports at once
To expose the truth
To lie repeatedly

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Clamor (Verb)
An indirect way of expressing something
To utter insistently and noisily
A use of tricks to deceive someone

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Maverick (Noun)
Someone who exhibits independence in thought
To be weakened mentally
A person who studies biology

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Covet (Verb)
To lack social polish
To dance in an obnoxious way
To wish, long, or crave for

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Accede (Verb)
Approaching someone aggressively
Yielding to another's wish or opinion
To take something

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Alias (Noun)
Similar kind of nature
A temporary name
Complete denial

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Negligent (Adjective)
Offensively vicious
A colorful expansion of thought
Lack of attention

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Paradigm (Noun)
To be rejected from society
A pattern of something
Hypothetical remedy for all diseases

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Homogeneous (Adjective)
To share a similarity
Relating to money
To speak in a malicious tone

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Instigate (Verb)
To calm someone
Confidently optimistic

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Apathetic (Adjective)
Being of questionable authenticity
To take control without authority
To show minimal emotion

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Omnipotent (Adjective)
Devoid of matter
To have unlimited power
Useless repetition

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Plethora (Noun)
To have a large amount of something
Lack of food and rations
Showing modest reserve

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Bombastic (Adjective)
Being agreeable
Self-consciously timid
Ostentatiously lofty in style

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Emulate (Verb)
To match or surpass through imitation
To grant freedom
Showing modest reserve

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Pariah (Noun)
Rejected from society
An insufficient quantity
To contradict

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Callous (Adjective)
Emotionally hardened
Open-minded and accepting
Cleverly amusing
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