Quiz: Can You Ace This "Christmas Around The World" Quiz?

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Do you know how they celebrate Christmas around the world?

Christmas is one of the most popular holidays ever! It is celebrated in more places than just America!

 Dec 25, 2018

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What day does Christmas Eve resemble in Japan?
New Years Eve
Memorial Day
Valentine's Day

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What do they call Santa Claus in Italy?
Babbo Natale
Saint Bubbe
Santa Dearest

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Which country refers to Christmas as "Las Posadas"?

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What is the nativity scene called in Argentina?

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In Armenia, what is the revelation that Jesus was God's son called?

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What is this traditional Australian Christmas item called?
Christmas Cacklers
Christmas Cracker
Christmas Crafties

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How do they say "Merry Christmas" in Vietnam?
Chać Maǹg Giańg Sunh
Chuć Mưǹg Giańg Sinh
Chić Miǹg Gańg Sonh

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What are these Christmas treats from the United Kingdom called?
Mince Pies
Mary Pies
Monday Pies

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Which Christmas treat from Spain is made of almonds, sugar and eggs?

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When is Christmas celebrated in Russia?
December 21st to January 7th
December 31st to January 10th
December 25th to January 5th

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What are Christmas markets in Austria called?

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In the Maltese, they have a tradition called Priedka tat-Tifel. What is that?
A child, aged 7 to 10, does the preaching of the sermon
When women chop off three inches of hair
Eating dinner during breakfast time

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What is the famous Romanian Christmas carol called?
Star Carol
Struck Carol
Stint Carol

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When it comes to Christmas in Madagascar, what is this Christmas fruit called?

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Christmas in Pakistan is in celebration of who?

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What do you they called Christmas Trees in China?
Trees of Stars
Trees of Light
Trees of Love

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What do they called Santa Claus in Lebanon?
Baba Nana
Bubbe Noël
Baba Noël

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What is this Christmas dessert from Italy called?
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You have got to love Christmas if you know about how it is celebrated in different parts of the world! Christmas in countries like Afghanistan, Albania, and Algeria is different than the way Christmas is celebrated in countries like The Bahamas, Bahrain, and Bangladesh! Christmas traditions from Cabo Verde, Cambodia, and Cameroon are fun but so are the Christmas traditions in countries like Denmark, Djibouti, and Dominica! Some countries focus on the birth, life, death, and the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Other countries take a more secular approach, mainly focusing on Santa Claus, his happy elves, and his prancing reindeer! Some parts of the world celebrate Christmas in the snow.... What we would call a "white Christmas". Other parts of the world get Christmas during the summertime! Places like California get to celebrate Christmas in the winter season but it still feels like summer! Different places and different cultures of people choose to celebrate the holidays in vastly different ways! When it comes to decor, traditions, foods, and more, each country has its own way of doing things! Countries like Ecuador, Egypt, and El Salvador are bound to celebrate a little bit differently than countries like Fiji, Finland, and France! Then there are awesome countries like Gabon, The Gambia, and Georgia that might compare holiday traditions to countries like Haiti, Honduras, and Hungary! There are so many countries in the world and some of the countries on this planet do not even acknowledge or celebrate Christmas at all! We aren't worried there though… just focused right now on the countries who do celebrate and enjoy such a festive holiday!