Only Psalm People Will Pass This Christian Test. Are You One Of Them?

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Just try to ace this Christian test!

"Psalm" people might ace this Christian test while "Psalm" others won't! It just depends on how much you know about Christianity!

 Oct 31, 2018

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"Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my _______."

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Which biblical giant did David defeat with his slingshot?

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Who did God provide the power of parting the red sea to?

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Between Mary and Martha, which sister sat at Jesus' feet to listen to him preach?

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How many wise men gave Jesus a gift at his birth?

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Delilah deceptively chopped off _________'s powerful hair while he was sleeping.

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When Job is inflicted with many hardships, who tells him to denounce his faith in God?
His sister
His wife
His father

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In the book of Luke, Lazarus and a very wealthy man both die. Which of them enters into heaven?
The wealthy man

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What did priests carry around the city of Jericho?
Jesus' cloak
Tax payer's coins
Ark of the Covenant

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Where is Jesus seated in heaven?
At the left hand of God the Father Almighty
At the right hand of God the Father Almighty

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Who did Abraham impregnate when Sarah was unable to conceive?

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How many pieces of silver did Judas betray Jesus for?

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How is Zacchaeus the tax collector physically described in the Bible?
Short in stature
Gluttonously overweight
Pale skinned

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In the book of Genesis, what was Joseph's coat described like?
Fur coat of much warmth
Long coat of many colors
Thick coat with lots of sentiment

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How does Judas Iscariot's life end?
He hangs himself
He drowns in a river
He is stoned

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Which of these books in the Bible describes Jesus being tempted for 40 days and nights?

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What does Jesus do to Judas at The Last Supper?
Kisses him
Points at him
Pushes him

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Which of these men did Jesus raise from the dead?
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The Christian faith is such an extravagantly beautiful faith to be part of. There are so many bible studies we can explore and read through in order to better understand this life we all must live. Some of the stories in the Bible provide us with genuine and true guidance that we would not be able to gather from an average human being. Christian pastors are able to preach to their congregations the way they do because the word of the Lord flows through them in an exceptionally powerful way. We have all experienced a sermon or church session where we felt like we were being spoken to directly! Those sermons are so beautiful because it feels like God is talking to us, answering the prayers we have and helping to ensure us in the fact that we are not alone. Some people do not make time for church but make time to read Bible verses and get into the word on a personal level. It is all up to personal preference but God longs for us to spend quality time with him! Some Christians spend quality time with God through worship songs and singing! That is a nice and fun way to spend time with God because worship music is so engaging and lovely to sing along with. The sounds of the guitar and the piano help worship music really sound glorious! Take this Christian test and see if you are the type of person who is able to truly ace a test like this!