Quiz: Take This Aptitude Test & We'll Reveal Which Career You'd Thrive In

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Ready to uncover your dream career path?

Finding the right career path isn't always easy but once you know what you want to do, you will be truly happy with your job! Take this quiz!

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Choosing the right career is so important! For women, the workforce is not an even and level playing field just yet and that means that choosing our perfect career is a very serious decision. Becoming a doctor is prestigious and impressive! Being a teacher is noble and admirable. Being an artist is freeing and liberating, in fields like dancing, acting, and writing. Working as an engineer is challenging and impactful. Becoming a professional chef is fun and pleasurable! Any career that is right for you on an individual level, is what matters! Margaret Wheatley, a well-known author and management consultant who focuses on the study of organizational behavior once said, "Many of us have created lives that give very little support for experimentation. We believe that answers already exist out there, independent of us. What if we invested more time and attention to our own experimentation? We could focus our efforts on discovering solutions that work uniquely for us." Having a deep passion for the career we choose to follow is very important! Imagine working in a cool and fun work environment like The Office with a boss like Michael Scott! Co-workers like Jim Halpert, Dwight Schrute, and Pam Beasley would help make each day more memorable and more enjoyable. That show is one of the first shows ever to display what a fun work environment could truly look like from the outside looking in! Take this quiz to discover which amazing or interesting career path is best for you!

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