British Lingo - It's A Thing. How Many Of These Words Do You Know?

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Do you know about British lingo?

The lingo in Britain is pretty fun when you know what you are talking about! How much British lingo do you know about?

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Ever had a conversation while standing on Britain's soil? There are certain words and phrases used between British people that aren't really used anywhere else! "Do one's nut" means to become really angry, upset, or enraged. "Fence" is a person who deals in stolen property or a person who is willing to pawn off stolen property to a buyer. "Go to Spare" means to become angry, frustrated, distressed, or enraged, very similar to "Do one's nut"! Some of these words and phrases are quite odd to an American or person who isn't from Britain. "Hard Cheese" is an expression people use to describe bad luck while the word "honk" is what you might call it if you throw up or vomit all over the place! "Ivories" are a word used to reference teeth, piano keys, or dice while "jock" is a nice nickname for a friend, rather than calling them dude or buddy. Some of these words and phrases seem catchy and seem as though they could possibly catch on in other places outside of Britain! British lingo is definitely a thing and knowing your way through a conversation that includes a lot of this lingo or slang can be really helpful! John C. Calhoun, an American statesman spoke of Britain by saying, "There is but one nation on the globe from which we have anything serious to apprehend, but that is the most powerful that now exists or ever did exist. I refer to Great Britain." Take this quiz and see how you do!

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