Quiz: Only A Biblical Scholar Can Match These Scriptures To Their Testament

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For the grace of God, can you match these scriptures to their testament?

The Old Testament and New Testament of the Bible are both filled with so many amazing verses! Do you know the differences between the testaments?

 Nov 06, 2018
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Biblical scripture can be extremely beautiful and poetic which can cause people to be easily lost in the beauty! This is common within the scriptures from books like Song of Solomon, Peter, Proverbs, Isaiah, and Matthew. There are still some very deep messages and stories to be discovered through all of the beauty! Knowing the differences between Old Testament scriptures and New Testament scriptures seems like a no-brainer for some, but for others, the differences might be hard to figure out. Scripture remains solid and similar since it is all guided through God's word. He spoke through the hands of men on earth to write down his words in the way He wanted them written. One of the big differences between the Old Testament and New Testament is simply the fact that Jesus lived. His birth, miracles, and crucifixion are all mentioned in the New Testament in the Four Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. Prior to the Four Gospels, Jesus was not born yet and was not mentioned in the Old Testament. People like Moses, Abraham, Sarah, Daniel, and David were mentioned in the Old Testament though! Each book in the Bible is important and valuable for their own individual reasons. God truly had a plan when it came to creating the pages of the holy book. See how well you do on this quiz when it comes to matching scripture and amazing bible verses to the testament that they come from!

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