Bible Quiz: Who Are They? Can You Name All These Biblical Figures?

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Do you know these figures of the bible?

There are plenty of important biblical figures to know about and admire! Do you truly know of them all?

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Naming biblical figures with ease is something we can easily do as Christians who love attending church and reading our bibles! We can name biblical figures like Jesus Christ, Moses, Noah, and the Virgin Mother Mary very easily because these biblical figures are so well-known and talked about by so many people who are part of the faith! Christians and Catholics alike can easily name some of the most well-known biblical figures and even a lot of the biblical figures who aren't mentioned a bunch of times throughout the pages of the bible. We know of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Levi, Joseph, Sarah, Rebecca, and Rachel! We also know of Adam, David, Elijah, Isaiah, and Mary Magdalene! These biblical figures each brought a major impact to the stories of the bible in so many ways! Jesus Christ blessed people with his many miracles while he walked the earth and he did all of that with his twelve disciples by his side! Those disciples are obviously all considered notable biblical figures as well! Anyone who was in close enough proximity with Jesus Christ the way those twelve disciples were should be considered a notable biblical figure! They stood by his side and supported him throughout the books of the bible (aside from Judas Iscariot of course)! Take this quiz to see just how many biblical figures you can name without any issues! Some of the biblical figures on this quiz are easier to recall than others! Let's see how well you do!

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