Quiz: Can You Answer These 18 Tricky Questions About The Bible?

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Have you been reading your Bible?

Investing time in Bible reading is important for those of us who are believers! Can you easily ace this test about the Bible?

 Nov 16, 2018

1 of 17Pick One:

When it comes to women in the Bible, who was Deborah?
Abraham's wife and Isaac's mother
A judge, prophet, and the wife of Lapidoth
The woman who betrayed Samson

2 of 17Pick One:

What happened to Moses and the Egyptians in Exodus?
Moses' followers dispersed
God sent them 10 plagues
The people all perished

3 of 17Pick One:

When it comes to women in the Bible, who was Salome?
One of Noah's daughters
The wife of Matthew
The woman who danced for King Herod

4 of 17Pick One:

Matthew, _________, Luke, and John are The Four Gospels in the Bible.

5 of 17Pick One:

How many commandments did God give to Moses to share with everyone?

6 of 17Pick One:

What question is asked in Habakkuk?
Why do the wicked appear to flourish and the righteous suffer?
Why is there day and night?
Why did God send his only son to die for us?

7 of 17Pick One:

The man who baptized Jesus Christ was named ________ the Baptist.

8 of 17Pick One:

How many days did it take until Jesus' resurrection?

9 of 17Pick One:

Which gospel was written last?

10 of 17Pick One:

True or false: The Holy Trinity is the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

11 of 17Pick One:

Which story is told in all 4 gospels?
Jesus Feeds 5,000
Adam and Eve
Jesus Walks on Water

12 of 17Pick One:

What was the name of Abraham and Sarah's son?

13 of 17Pick One:

Which gospel is considered anonymous?

14 of 17Pick One:

What was the name of Abraham's wife?

15 of 17Pick One:

What happened to Daniel in the lion's den?
He remained safe and unharmed
He was eaten alive

16 of 17Pick One:

How did King Nebuchadnezzer try to kill Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego?
He hung them
He used a bow & arrow
He threw them into a fiery furnace

17 of 17Pick One:

Which of these books in the Bible does NOT exist?
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Have you been reading your Bible lately? Even reading through it once a week during Sunday service is plenty of time to learn and retain valuable information! The Christian Bible can be our best friend if we allow the power of the words to enter into our lives! Soaking up the words of the Bible is an incredible and powerful thing. It is exactly as God intended! There are some tricky verses in the Bible though that might need a little explaining... but for the most part, the Bible is just a loving book sent to us from our Father in heaven. Knowing about the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit is incredible and wonderful… it means we are never alone in our struggles or strife. God is always with us in one way or another. Knowing this type of thing reminds us of why it is so important to read the Bible and retain more and more of the valuable information on the pages! Being a Christian is so amazing because we can live our lives knowing that we are forgiven. God sees us as white as snow, even when our sin is really terrible! This is because we are forgiven. Being forgiven feels amazing! God loves us no matter what we do! Quizzes like these help remind us of how important it is to keep up with reading our Bible and remembering important details! Take this tricky quiz about the Holy Bible and see how well you do!