Can You Pass This Basic Astrology Test?

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Are the stars aligning for you?

Astrology can be a lot of fun if you know what you're talking about! Let's see if you know what it all means!

 Jan 29, 2019
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Depending on what the month, day, and time that you were born, your astrological sign can help you understand a lot about yourself! Learning about the way the stars connect us with our personality traits is very intriguing for a lot of folks out there!

Kurt Vonnegut once mentioned this subject when he said, "About astrology and palmistry: they are good because they make people vivid and full of possibilities. They are communism at its best. Everybody has a birthday and almost everybody has a palm." Steven Pinker mentioned it as well when he said, "Astrology had an important role in the ancient world. You can't understand many things unless you know something about astrology - the plays of Shakespeare and so on." Lastly, Billy Dee Williams mentioned this subject when he said, "Actually, I believe in everything, including astrology and tarot cards. All of it is just another way for people to try and tighten the link to the spirits in our universe. I believe it exists for all people." These people all know the seriousness of astrology!

Do you believe you know and understand the seriousness of astrology? If so, now its your turn to take the test! Can you prove to yourself and your friends that you know zodiac signs as well as you think you do?

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