Quiz: Can You Ace This Ultimate Quiz About The Baptism of Jesus?

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Do you know about Jesus' baptism?

When Jesus was baptized, it was a very big deal! How much do you really know about this historical event?

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The baptism of Jesus Christ was a big deal in biblical history. This historical event showed Christians the importance of baptism and it is why we still choose to be baptized today, so many years later! Saint Basil spoke about baptism by saying, "As we were baptized, so we profess our belief. As we profess our belief, so also we offer praise. As then baptism has been given us by the Savior, in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost, so, in accordance with our baptism, we make the confession of the creed, and our doxology in accordance with our creed." He is right about all of that! Baptism is the best way to profess what we so strongly believe! Pope Benedict XVI talks about baptism by saying, "The Church is not self-made, it was created by God and is continuously formed by Him. This finds expression in the Sacraments, above all in that of Baptism: I enter into the Church not by a bureaucratic act, but with the help of this Sacrament." The choice to be baptized affects each and every individual on a personal level because every person who chooses to go through with this form of faith expression is in the middle of their own walk with the Lord. That is what makes the story of Jesus Christ's baptism so much more beautiful and special! Take this quiz on the details from the baptism of Jesus Christ to see what you remember!

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