Quiz: Can You Pass This U.S. Citizenship Test?

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Put your knowledge to the test!

See how many facts you know about the United states by taking this quiz! Being an American is a wonderful thing!

 Nov 22, 2018

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Who was the president during the American Civil War?
John Adams
Abraham Lincoln
Thomas Jefferson

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Who sewed the American flag?
Amelia Earhart
Maya Angelou
Betsy Ross

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Who was the first president of the United States?
James Madison
Theodore Roosevelt
George Washington

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What is the biggest US state?

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How many original colonies were there in America?

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Who did America gain independence from after the American Revolutionary War?

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True or false: John Hancock signed the Declaration of Independence?

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What was the purpose of the Magna Carta?
It was a list of laws
It was a peace treaty
It was a war threat

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Where is the Liberty Bell located?
New Jersey

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Where is the Statue of Liberty located?
New York
North Carolina

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Where is the White House located?
Washington, DC

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How long did the Vietnam War last?
6 years
20 years
13 years

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How many US states are there in America today?
29 states
50 states
46 states

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The American flag is red, ________, and blue.

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Who won the Spanish–American War?

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Democrats are Liberal and Republicans are _____________.

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Which of these birds is an American symbol?
Bald Eagle

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Which national anthem has these lyrics: "And the rockets' red glare, the bombs bursting in air, Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there"?
The Star Spangled Banner
God Bless the U.S.A.
America the Beautiful
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America is a beautiful and wonderful country because it provides us with something that other people around the world don't always have-- freedom! Knowing the historical facts about our wonderful country is important for anyone who claims to be patriotic and anyone who represents our beautiful freedom flag! That means knowing about American presidents, wars we have won, the history of our flag, the history of our original colonies, and where most of our American landmarks are located. The Liberty Bell and Statue of Liberty are two important landmarks and it is smart to pay attention to where they are located! If someone from another country like France or Mexico were to ask you about some of these historical American facts, would you have all of the answers? Do you remember learning about the American Civil War and the American Revolution while you were a student in grade school? Do you ever pay attention to which presidential face you see on your $20 dollar bills when you are about to purchase something? When it comes to American states, do you know which state is the biggest one on the map? There are some pretty large ones! These are things that any true American patriot knows about! Freedom is such a wonderful thing to have for those of us who live life according to the law.