Quiz: This Tricky Riddles Quiz is For Geniuses ONLY. You've Been Warned.

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Can you solve these riddles?

This quiz is filled with a lot of brain teasers and questions that aren't too easy to answer! Are you prepared?

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Testing your intelligence when it comes to riddles is super fun! Can you answer this question: Everyone has me but nobody can lose me. What am I? What about this question: I can breathe but never talk, I can run but never walk, I can be picked but never be chosen. What am I? if you said "yes" to being able to answer those types of questions, you are in the right place today! Can you answer this question: I can bring a smile to your face, a tear to your eye, or even a thought to your mind. But, I can't be seen. What am I? Or what about this question: I start off dry but come out wet. I go in light and come out heavy. What am I? These riddles aren't just meant to make you think-- they are also meant to be super fun! Visit https://www.women.com/quizzes to discover more of the awesome quizzes we post on various subjects! There are quizzes on geographical lingo, books, religion, holidays, sports, love, movies, personality, music, and general trivia! These subjects are always very exciting to try when you want to take a break from your daily routine! Whatever subjects that might interest you can easily be discovered there! Don't forget to share your quiz results to all of your friends and family members too! If you are the type of person who considers themselves a genius, then take this challenging quiz filled with interesting riddles and see what score results you end up with!

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