Quiz: Only 90s Babies Can Guess the Cereal From the Mascot. Can You?

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Are you CEREAL about cereal?

Anyone who grew up in the 90s eating cereal knows how yummy it was! Now the true questions is, do you remember their box mascots?

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Who doesn't absolutely love cereal? It is one of the best breakfast meals options for a kid to pick from! Kids born in the 90s grew up eating and tasting so many cool cereal flavors and brands! Sure, some brands were healthier than others, but most of them all had awesome tastes! Another cool thing about these popular cereals is the fact that they came with cool mascots on the boxes! Whether the cereal was sugary, cinnamon flavored, crunchy, or something else, growing up eating cereal was actually pretty fun! It is nice to look forward to your breakfast meal when it comes in a bowl with some cold milk to accompany it! Lucky Charms came with little marshmallows, Frosted Flakes came with a thin layer of "frosting", and Honey Nut Cheerios came with a thin layer of honey! Those three brands were quite popular but there are many more mentioned in this quiz!

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