Only People With An IQ Range 140-149 Will Know These 18 Grammar Rules

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How many grammar rules do you know?

Only someone who considers themselves to be truly grammatically correct will ace a quiz like this! Let's see who succeeds!

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The time has officially come to find out who has the highest IQ and who does not based on knowledge of grammar rules. Are you able to use commas, periods, apostrophes, quotations, question marks, exclamation points, and other symbols in the proper way? Does spelling come second nature to you? If so, then you have truly come to the right place here today. If you are ready to prove how smart your truly are, now is your chance to take on this quiz. All you have to do to excel is ace all of the questions on this quiz.

Think you can handle the heat? We hate to say it but this quiz is going to be hard. If you want an easy quiz, then you, our friend, have come to the wrong place. We are ready to challenge you. Are you ready to be challenged? If so, good luck!

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