Quiz: You'll Only Get 10/15 On This If You're Obsessed With Southern Food


Are you a true southern foodie?

Only a true southerner will be able to ace this quiz! From barbecue to cornbread, southern food is where it's at!

 Nov 04, 2017

1 of 15Pick your answer!

What food is made from ground corn meal and served with breakfast?

2 of 15Fill in the blank!

Chicken fried ____.

3 of 15Pick your answer!

What cabbage based side dish is popular in the south?
Caesar Salad
Sweet potatoes

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Which Louisiana dish consists of rice, meat and vegetables all mixed together?
Stir Fry
A Fry-Up

5 of 15Pick your answer!

What type of bread is a staple in the south?
Italian bread

6 of 15Pick your answer!

What dish consists of salted pork and black-eyed peas?
Hoppin' John
New England Barbecue
Cornish Stew

7 of 15Pick your answer!

Louisiana is the largest supplier of which edible crustacean?

8 of 15Pick your answer!

Florida is home to what citrus flavored pie?
Orange Meringue Pie
Key Lime Pie
Lemon Lime Pie

9 of 15Pick your answer!

What method of cooking barbecue involves a contraption buried in the earth?
Pit Barbecue
Hole Barbecue
Crater Barbecue

10 of 15Pick your answer!

Which of the following is a popular southern breakfast dish?
Blueberry pancakes
Croissants and tea
Biscuits and gravy

11 of 15Pick your answer!

Which breakfast restaurant chain is a cultural icon in the south?
Waffle House

12 of 15Pick your answer!

What deep fried ball-shaped side dish is often served with other fried food?

13 of 15Pick your answer!

What type of tomato is most popular in its fried form?

14 of 15Pick your answer!

What nut-based dessert is distinctly southern?
Chocolate peanut cake
Cashew ice cream
Pecan pie

15 of 15Pick your answer!

What breakfast food do southerners like to pair chicken with?
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