Quiz: You'll Only Ace This Hocus Pocus Quiz If You've Seen It 100+ Times


Magic isn't going to help you pass this quiz!

Question from the 1993 classic Halloween movie "Hocus Pocus", including fun facts about characters and the plot line!

 Oct 12, 2017

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What is the last name of the three witch sisters?

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What animal do the witches turn Binx into?
A goat
A wiener dog
A black cat

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What object does Max light and accidentally resurrect the witches?
The black flame candle
The mystic incense
A voodoo doll

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What is Max's younger sister's name?

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What town is the movie set in?
Los Angeles

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What type of creature is Billy Butcherson, Winifred's unfaithful lover?

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What happens to the witches when the sun rises?
They forget what their names are
They lose their magic
They turn to stone and disintegrate

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What curse do the witches place on the parents at the party?
They will sing and dance until they die
They will forget who their children are
They will float away like balloons

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What night do the witches come back to life?
The eclipse

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What building does Allison's family own?
The witches' cottage
The town bakery
The supermarket

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Where is Max supposed to be taking his younger sister?
To a haunted house
To a Halloween party

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What happens to Binx at the end of the movie?
He turns into a goat
He dies
He time travels

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What is stolen from the witches by trick-or-treaters?
Their shoes
Their magic wands
Their brooms

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What do the witches try and steal from Max's sister?
Her soul
Her candy
Her hat

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What human organ is on the witches' spellbook?
A pair of lungs
An eye
A heart
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