Quiz: You'll Only Get 8/10 On This Quiz If You're A Baby Boomer

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Are you really a boomer?

Important events from baby boomers lives including the assassination of JFK, Woodstock, and man's first steps on the moon!

 May 16, 2017
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Why were the baby boomers given their name?
they were born when the atomic bomb was being made
because of the high birth rate post-WWII
the birth rate was significantly lower than past generations
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What is the name of this music festival that attracted over 400,000 people in August of 1969?
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What American sitcom followed seven castaways of a shipwreck?
Gilligan's Island
The X-Files
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Which American President was assassinated on November 22nd, 1963?
John. F Kennedy
Lyndon B. Johnson
Richard Nixon
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Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin accomplished what goal on their Apollo 11 mission?
reaching the center of the earth
walking on the moon
traveling to mars
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This political scandal led to President Nixon's impeachment.
the red scare
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Who was the first baby boomer to serve as President of the United States?
George Washington
Ronald Reagan
Bill Clinton
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Between what years were baby boomers born approximately?
1925 - 1935
1946 -1964
1996 - 2005
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Name the show starring Marshal Matt Dillon who tries to prevent lawlessness from overtaking Dodge City, Kansas.
Dodge City
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What term was used to describe the fan frenzy surrounding the Beatles?
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