Quiz: We Can Guess Your Age Based Only On Your Disney Knowledge


We'll determine your age based on your Disney IQ!

Trivia from some of the greatest Disney movies of all time! Including favorites such as Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and Sleeping Beauty!

 Nov 04, 2017
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The witch tells Snow White that the apple is:
A wishing apple
A special apple
A magical apple
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Who is Ariel's father?
King Trition
Prince Eric
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What creature does Maleficent turn into?
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Where does Pinocchio rescue Geppetto from?
Monstro the Whale
Pleasure Island
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Who is Hercules' father?
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What is Peter Pan looking for when he enters the nursery?
His shadow
His hat
A book
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What does Princess Aurora prick her finger on?
A spindle of a spinning wheel
A sword
A thorn on a rose
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What is the name of Captain Hook's ship?
The Black Pearl
The Jolly Roger
The Scarlet Maiden
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What part of the Beast's castle is Belle not allowed in?
The west wing
The library
The dining room
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What is Cinderella's carriage made out of?
A pumpkin
A tomato
A watermelon
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What does Genie wish for in Aladdin?
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Who raised Tarzan in the jungle?
The panthers
The elephants
The gorillas
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What do the forest critters call Bambi?
Little Prince
Prince Bambi
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Who does Alice chase after into Wonderland?
The Mad Hatter
The White Rabbit
The Doormouse
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What color is Cinderella's first dress?
Blue and white
Pink and white
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What is the name of Merlin's owl?
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What is Hercules' weakness?
His heel
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Why does Mowgli have to go back to the man village?
Because he wants to
Because Shere Khan has returned
Because he has grown up
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Where do Pongo and Perdita first meet each other?
In the park
The supermarket
Outside the apartment building
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Who is Robin Hood in love with?
Queen Mary
Maid Marion
Lady Kluck
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