Quiz: Only A True Catholic Will Know The Meaning Of All 15 Of These Words

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How Catholic are you really?

Define all of these words to prove you're a true Catholic. From penance to celibacy, how much do you know?

 Jan 17, 2018
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What is the Eucharist?
The beginning text of the bible
The secondary priest in a church
Communion, the body and blood of Jesus Christ
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What is the diocese?
The place where a baptism is held
A district of the Catholic church headed by a bishop
Holy Communion
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What happens in Penance?
Church members collect money for the poor
A sinner is removed from the church
A sinner confesses their sins to a priest
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Who is the cardinal?
A sacred bird that is displayed during mass
Another name for the pope
The highest-ranking Catholic clergy below the pope
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What is vespers also called?
Evening prayer
Christmas mass
Holy Communion
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What is a seminary?
An annual conference of women in the Catholic church
An educational institution for men preparing for priesthood
The place where kids go to Sunday school
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What is the general term for all of the church's official acts of worship?
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The system of laws made and enforced by the Church is called _____ Law.
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What term refers to the decision not to marry or have sexual relations?
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What is a Hail Mary?
A traditional Catholic prayer
An annual ceremony
A special type of church in Romania
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Who is included in the clergy?
priests, bishops, and deacons
men, women, and children
the elderly
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What is the meaning of "Amen?"
It is a sign of love towards your family
It is an acceptance of God's will
It signals the children to leave the church
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What is a chalice used for?
To hold the wine during communion
It isn't used for anything, it is an ancient relic
It is for priests when they are thirsty during mass
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Who is the Archbishop?
The senior bishop
A mid-level bishop
A junior bishop
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Beatification refers to a deceased person _____.
being stuck in limbo
getting into heaven
going to hell
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