Quiz: Only A True Baptist Knows The Answers To These 22 Questions


How Baptist are you really?

Baptism is one of the most practiced religions in the world. How well do you know Baptism, from the beliefs to its influence on the government!

 Oct 06, 2017

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How was Jesus conceived?
through the Holy Spirit
through a holy water ritual
by Saint John the Baptist

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What is the sacred text of Baptists?
The Quran
The Torah
The Bible

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Where is the headquarters of the Baptist Church?
there isn't one
The Vatican City

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When is the Lord's Day?

5 of 22Fill in the blank!

Baptists believe that faith should be between God and the _____.

6 of 22Fill in the blank!

Baptists believe that the bible is _____.
God's absolute truth
sometimes incorrect
partly false

7 of 22Pick your answer!

Who is the head of the church?
the priest
Jesus Christ
the pope

8 of 22Pick your answer!

What religion is Baptist a denomination of?

9 of 22Pick your answer!

What are the two ministerial offices?
sinners and priests
elders and deacons
popes and cardinals

10 of 22Pick your answer!

How does someone become a member of the church?

11 of 22Pick your answer!

When does a person usually get baptized?
during adulthood
as an infant
after they turn 10

12 of 22Pick your answer!

What liquid is used during a baptism?

13 of 22Pick your answer!

Which of the following do Baptist NOT believe in?

14 of 22Pick your answer!

Who do Baptists worship?
Jesus, Mary, and the Saints
Jesus and Mary
Jesus alone

15 of 22Pick your answer!

Who governs all the baptist churches?
the pope
they govern themselves
Baptist convention

16 of 22Pick your answer!

What part of the constitution did Baptists push for?
freedom of the press
separation of church and state
presidential succession

17 of 22Pick your answer!

What activities do conservative Baptists oppose?
eating meat and fish
alcohol, gambling, and dancing
singing and partying

18 of 22Pick your answer!

What is another name for communion?
The Lord's Supper
holy dinner

19 of 22Fill in the blank!

Instead of sacraments, Baptists have ____.

20 of 22Pick your answer!

What will be the end of times?
The death of the planet
The explosion of the sun
The Second Coming of Christ

21 of 22Pick your answer!

What is the Holy Trinity?
God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit
faith, unbelief, and sin
life, death, and heaven

22 of 22Pick your answer!

What is consumed during communion?
bread and wine
grape juice and apples
apples and cheese
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