Quiz: Only A Hardcore Midwesterner Can Get 10/15 On This Food Test

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How Midwestern are you really? Do you know your hot dishes from your cheese curds? Are you a true Midwestern foodie at heart? Find out now!

Questions about food from that weird middle part of the country; from pizza and burgers to apples and dairy products!

 Oct 06, 2017
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What is a thick stew of Belgian origin that many upper midwesterners enjoy?
Chicken Noodle
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What sausage sandwich is native to Cleveland?
Country Boy
Polish Boy
Russian Boy
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What is the food-related nickname for the Midwest?
The Breadbasket of America
The Fruit Basket of America
The Grain Land of America
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________ Chili is a spicy meat sauce used as a topping for spaghetti and hot dogs.
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What food brand character originates in Minnesota?
Betty Crocker
The Green Giant
Mr. Peanut
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What do most Midwesterner's call soft drinks?
Soda pop
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What dish consists of two eggs, hashbrowns, and a hamburger patty covered with chili and topped with cheese?
Ju(i)cy Lucy
Hot dish
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What type of hot dog is Detroit, Michigan famous for?
Coney Island
Fully Stuffed
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What type of sandwich does Omaha, Nebraska claim to have invented?
The Ham and Cheese
The Philly Cheesesteak
The Reuben
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If you're a "Cheesehead" you're from...
North Dakota
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What do most Midwesterners call casserole?
Hot dish
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What fruit was developed at the University of Minnesota?
Honeycrisp apple
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What is the name of the hamburger with a core of molten cheese?
Ju(i)cy Lucy
Stuffed Joy
The All-In-One
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What makes Chicago-style pizza unique?
Has thin crust
It's deep dish
Has stuffed crust
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Most Midwesterner's fast food of choice is:
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