Quiz: Only 1 in 50 People Can Pass This American Geography Test. Can You?

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Can you get an "A" on this geography test?

From the Redwood Forest to the Gulf Stream Waters can you identify these American states, cities, and lakes?

 Sep 20, 2017
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Which state has the least land area?
Rhode Island
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Where is the United States Capitol located?
New York City
Washington D.C.
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Which state borders at least one of the great lakes?
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The Mississippi river leads to which ocean basin?
The Pacific Ocean
The Gulf of Mexico
The Mediterranean Sea
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Which of the following is one of the four main geographic regions in the United States?
Lower Corner
Upper East
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What is the state capital of Texas?
Fort Worth
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What state is Las Vegas in?
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How many great lakes are there?
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Which state do the Rocky Mountains run through?
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Which tropical wetland is located in Florida?
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What is the largest saltwater lake in the United States?
The Salton Sea
The Mono Lake
The Great Salt Lake
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Which state has the most coastline?
13 of 15Pick your answer!
Where are the Appalachian Mountains located in the United States?
The midwest
The east
The west
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What is the hottest desert in the United States?
Mojave Desert
The Sonoran Desert
The Gobi Desert
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What is the most populous city in the United States?
Los Angeles
New York City
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