Quiz: If You Can Get 10/15 On This, You Must Be From North Dakota!

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Are you from the Peace Garden State?

Find out if you're a true North Dakotan by testing your knowledge of the state's history and notable locations!

 Jun 24, 2017
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What is the state capital of North Dakota?
Grand Forks
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What does the word "Dakota" mean in Sioux?
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Bismarck holds which of these events every year in September?
The Largest Antelope Racing Contest
The Greatest Hot Dog Eating Contest
The United Tribes International Powwow
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What is the largest industry in North Dakota?
sneaker production
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How many tribes function as sovereign nations in North Dakota?
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Which major university is located in Fargo, North Dakota?
University of Jamestown
Lake Region State College
North Dakota State University
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What is North Dakota's nickname?
The Land of 10,000 Lakes
The Big Apple
The Peace Garden State
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Which record did Bismarck break in 2007?
the most snow angels made in one place
the most baguettes eaten at one time
the largest amount of people hula-hooping in one place
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What is North Dakota's state beverage?
red wine
A&W rootbeer
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What city is home to the North Dakota State Fair?
Grand Forks
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What two famous explorers traveled through North Dakota twice between 1804 and 1806?
Hernan Cortes and Vasco da Gama
Christopher and Columbus
Lewis and Clark
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What is largest natural body of water in North Dakota?
Lake Ontario
Hudson Bay
Devil's Lake
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The one flower North Dakota grows more than anything else is the ____.
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This is the most populous city in North Dakota, and the name of a popular film.
Grand Forks
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What area is Mount Rushmore located in?
East Forest region
Central Desert region
Black Hills region
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