Quiz: How Well Do You Remember “The Beverly Hillbillies”


Were you a true hillbillies fan?

Your favorite rags-to-riches story. Including questions about characters and plot points from this classic tv show!

 Oct 06, 2017

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What is the hillbillies' last name?

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How did the hillbillies become rich?
they found oil
the lottery
family inheritance

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What happened to Mr. Clampett's wife?
she passed away
she moved
she got remarried

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Who are the hillbillies' next door neighbor?
their pharmacist
their psychologist
their banker

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What is Mr. Clampett's first name?

6 of 15Finish Mr. Clampett's catch phrase!

"Welllllll, ______!"
road kill

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How many children does Mr. Clampett have?

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What is Mr. Clampett's daughter's name?
Sarah June
Elly May
Sally April

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What does granny often carry around with her?
a shotgun
a pearl necklace
deer antlers

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What is Elly May's most notable weakness?
she's short
her lack of kitchen skills
she can't knit

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What is the next door neighbor's last name?

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How do the Clampett's address Jane Hathaway?
Funny Janie
Jane Jane
Miss Jane

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How is Jethro Bodine related to Mr. Clampett?
He is Clampett's grandfather
He is Clampett's twin brother
He is Clampett's nephew

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What kind of house do the Clampett's live in, in Beverly Hills?
a mansion
a downtown apartment
a cottage

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What is the name of the family dog?
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