Quiz: Can You Score At Least A 10/15 On This Christian Faith Test?


Are you a good Christian?

The world's most practiced religion, Christianity. From the Old Testament to the New Testament and all the details in between!

 Sep 28, 2017

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How many apostles did Jesus have?

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Who or what encompasses the Holy Trinity?
communion, baptism, and marriage
life, death, and heaven
The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit

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What is the most well-known Christian prayer?
The Christmas Prayer
The Resurrection Prayer
The Lord's Prayer

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Where do kids go to lessons about faith and worship?
Preliminary Worship
Sunday School

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When does someone go through confirmation?
When they are ready to pledge themselves to the Catholic Church
Immediately after they get baptized
Once they have had their First Communion

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During what religious observance do Christians give up certain luxuries?
Labor Day

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Which of the following is a Christian denomination?

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What substance is used during baptisms?

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What creature is one of the most recognized symbols of Christianity?

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What biblical event does Holy Communion reenact?
The Last Supper
Jesus' resurrection
The plagues

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After how many days did Jesus rise from the dead?

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What did Jesus die for?
to save people from their sins
so the next savior would be able to come
everlasting world peace

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How was Jesus killed?
he drowned

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Who was Jesus' mother?

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What is the Christian's sacred text?
The Bible
The Torah
The Quran
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