Quiz: Can You Correct These 16 Incorrect NKOTB Lyrics?


Are you a hardcore NKOTB fan?

Songs from this popular old school boyband! Including favorites like "Step by Step" and "You Got It (The Right Stuff)"!

 Oct 20, 2017

1 of 16Correct the lyric!

"Open up the cage, let us in"
replace cage with door
replace in with out
after in add the house

2 of 16Correct the lyric!

"Listen up everybody if you wanna take a pass"
replace pass with break
replace pass with chance
replace everybody with mom

3 of 16Correct the lyric!

"We've been together for a short time baby"
replace baby with doll
replace short with little
replace short with long

4 of 16Correct the lyric!

"I'm not that kind of guy who can take a crumpled heart"
replace heart with leg
replace guy with lady
replace crumpled with broken

5 of 16Correct the lyric!

"Inch by inch, oh, baby, gonna get to you, girl"
replace inch by inch with mile by mile
replace baby with child
replace inch by inch with step by step

6 of 16Correct the lyric!

"Somebody said somebody wouldn't last too long, somebody's still going wrong"
replace wrong with strong
replace going with coming
replace wouldn't with will

7 of 16Correct the lyric!

"Do you remember, or should I forget"
replace remember with recall
replace forget with rewind
replace forget with leave

8 of 16Correct the lyric!

"First time was a great time, last time was a blast"
replace great with terrible
replace first with that
replace last with second

9 of 16Correct the lyric!

"You should have treated me right, but you left me lonely and shivering at night"
replace right with left
replace shivering with cold
replace treated with gave

10 of 16Correct the lyric!

"Man, I just can't live without you"
replace live with die
replace you with them
replace man with girl

11 of 16Correct the lyric!

"I can tell you've been watching me everyday"
replace everyday with wednesday
delete everyday
replace me with them

12 of 16Correct lyric!

"I get up in the morning and I crave your face"
replace morning with night
delete the morning
replace crave with see

13 of 16Correct the lyric!

"There are some people living in this city, they have no food to eat"
replace city with world
delete people
replace living with crying

14 of 16Correct the lyric!

"I gave my money and my soul to you, girl"
replace soul with house
replace money with heart
replace gave with rent

15 of 16Correct the lyric!

"Baby, I believe in you, and every little thing you create"
replace create with do
replace believe in with forget about
replace create with regret

16 of 16Correct the lyric!

"I've heard of fake loves that last forever"
replace fake with true
delete forever
after forever add, and ever
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