Maryland Lingo - It's A Thing. How Many Phrases Do You Know?

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Are you a real Marylander?

Marylanders have a unique vocabulary, so only a true Marylander will be able to figure out what Terps, Jimmy's and all these other slang terms mean!

 Aug 15, 2018
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Which term refers to a bushel of male crabs?
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What does DMV stand for in Maryland?
The Doctor's Maintenance Vehicle
DC, Maryland, and Virginia
The Demilitarized Vehicles
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Which abbreviation of "honey" is a popular slang term in Maryland?
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What does hoco mean?
A person from Montgomery County
A person from Carroll County
A person from Howard County
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What are you doing if you are geeking?
running a marathon
laughing hysterically
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What are Terps?
An affectionate term used with friends
An infectious disease
A nickname for the University of Maryland mascot
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If you are psyched, how are you feeling?
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To show that you are agreeing with someone, what can you say?
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What is a Sally?
The name of a bar
A neighborhood in Maryland
A female blue crab
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If you support the O's you...
Like Cheerio's
Root for the Orioles
Want kindergarteners to learn their ABC's
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What is a snoball?
Ice cream cone
Snowcone, without the cone
What you use in the snowball fight
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Where would you spend your summers?
Potomac Beach
Bethany Beach
Ocean City
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Translate "Natty Boh".
Nah, bro
National Bohemian Beer
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What's a MOCOPOPO?
Maryland's version of the Hawaiian dish, Loco Moco
A breed of dog
A Montgomery County Police Officer
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Which sentence uses the term "bop" correctly?
Jane's house is a bop away.
Coca cola is a type of bop.
My homework was so bop!
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What bird is on the Maryland license plate?
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What esteemed academy is located in Annapolis?
The Naval Academy
The West Point Academy
Air Force Academy
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Berger's are a type of:
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What spice is required for Maryland Crab Soup?
Old Bay
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