Quiz: A Perfect Score On This Art Test Means You’re More Creative Than Most


Are you the next Picasso?

All about art; from techniques, colors, and shapes to famous artists like Vincent Van Gogh and their artwork!

 Sep 28, 2017

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What are ceramics?
Paintings in black and white
A type of photography
Things made from clay

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Which of the following did Andy Warhol paint?
The Shot Marilyns
American Gothic
The Mona Lisa

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Which of the following is a secondary color?

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Which of the following is a warm color?

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What pencil technique is used to show varying levels of darkness?
cross hatching

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Which of the following was a famous sculptor?
Claude Monet
Sandro Botticelli

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Which painting depicts clocks melting?
Irises - Vincent Van Gogh
Mona Lisa - Leonardo Da Vinci
The Persistence of Memory - Salvador Dali

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What tool do you traditionally use to paint?
paint brush
paint marker
paint pencil

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What biblical event did Leonardo Da Vinci paint?
The Last Supper
Noah's Ark
Jonah and the Whale

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What artistic technique involves scraping dark ink to reveal a white layer beneath?
paper mache

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What art style did Pablo Picasso create?

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What is an example of a geometric shape?

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What is three dimensional visual art created through carving, molding, or welding?

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If you mix red and blue paint what color will you get?

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Who painted Starry Night?
Vincent Van Gogh
Leonardo Da Vinci
Pablo Picasso
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