Quiz: 97% Of Adults Can't Answer These 16 Basic Chemistry Questions

Can you get an A in Chemistry?

bill nye, scientist, science & tech
 Apr 04, 2017
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Which of the following is not a state of matter?

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What charge does a proton have?
A positive charge
A negative charge
It has no charge

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What is an element?
A place where you feel comfortable
Anything man-made
A pure substance composed of a single type of atom.

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What is a compound?
A type of poison
A beaker
A pure chemical substance composed of more than one element

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What is the center of an atom called?

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What element is H?

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The two types of chemical bonds are ionic and ______.

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What is a chemical reaction?
When a substance disappears.
When substance is transformed after interacting with another substance.
When a substance moves from one beaker to another.

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What is the periodic table?
An arrangement of the chemical elements, ordered by atomic number.
A group of tables organized in a specific way.
A table with a lot of periods on it.

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What is the charge of a neutron?
A negative charge.
It has no charge.
A positive charge.

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What is H20 more commonly known as?
Baking Soda

Question: 12/16True or false?

The atom is the basic unit of chemistry.

Question: 13/16Pick your answer!

What is the symbol for Oxygen?

Question: 14/16Pick your answer!

Who created the Periodic Table?
Julius Caesar
Dmitri Mendeleev
George Washington

Question: 15/16Pick your answer!

What does DNA stand for?
Divided Neuron Animal
Deoxyribonucleic acid
Doodlerubobic Amino

Question: 16/16Pick your answer!

When water freezes it turns from liquid to gas. True or false?
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