13 Things You'll Only Understand If You Grew Up In The Twin Cities


Welcome to the Land of 10,000 Lakes!

From the skyways of downtown Minneapolis to the historic homes of St. Paul, Twin Cities residents know that Minny and Paul are truly the best! Whether you're watching the Wild at the Xcel, navigating the Mall of America, or chowing down on a Ju(i)cy Lucy, locals know that there is never a dull moment in the Twin Cities!

1. It's Hot Dish NOT Casserole.


The word casserole just sounds nasty! Face it America, hot dish is and will always be better.

2. Summer Means Road Construction


Traffic cones everywhere! You may be thankful for the filled potholes, but that extra time on your commute will definitely cut into your z's!

3. Minnesota Passive Aggressive


Minnesota "nice" is like a secret language and new-comers are likely to be confused after their first encounter with a local. We don't like confrontation so if you've just started living with someone from the Twin Cities be prepared to receive a few post-it notes and a lot of emotional distance.

4. Duck Duck Gray Duck


It just makes more sense! Don't ask, just play.

5. Minnesota vs. Wisconsin


A border battle of epic proportions. Gophers vs. Badgers and Vikings vs. Packers, football season is heated and this rivalry sure runs deep.

6. Waiting For School To Be Cancelled


There's five feet of snow, you can hardly open your front door, and you don't even want to think about the windchill! Maybe today will be the day school is finally canceled? Jokes on you, school is basically NEVER canceled here.

7. You Don't Have An Accent!


Non-Minnesotans always assume that you have an accent, but you don't! It is more likely you'll hear an out-of-stater say "Uff Da" than you will a local.

8. Jucy Lucy or Juicy Lucy?


The great burger debate! Was it Matt's Bar or the 5-8 Club that first created this cheesy delicacy? The world may never know!

9. The Mall Of America Is Terrifying


The Mall of America is ginormous! It's pretty easy to get lost so make sure you bring a friend and stick together. And please don't take the saying "shop 'til you drop" to heart. No one wants that.

10. The Gophers Hold A Special Place In Your Heart


The University of Minnesota is the place to be! Gopher games are always a blast, and who doesn't love Goldy!? Ski-U-Mah, Gophers!

11. The State Of Hockey


Hockey is huge in Minnesota and the Twin Cities! From the high school level to the NHL, locals love their hockey!

12. You Can Recite The Shane Co. Commercial By Heart


"In Minnetonka on 394 and Hopkins Crossroad and in Woodbury on I-94 and Radio Drive. Open weekdays till 8, Saturday and Sunday till 5, online at shaneco.com."

13. Life Is Better In The Twin Cities!


Sure the winters can get a little chilly, but you wouldn't trade your life here in the Twin Cities for anything! You're proud of your home and all it has to offer!

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