Quiz: We Can Guess What % Greek You Are Based On These 16 Questions

Greek, My Big Fat Greek Wedding
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Is it all Greek to you?? Take this quiz to find out!

Do you have a go-to Feta brand? Does your Yia Yia have the best dolmades recipe in town? Take this quiz to prove your Greek ethnicity!

 Sep 08, 2017

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Retsina wine is infused with what?
Olive Oil
Grape leaves
Pine nuts

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Which Emmy Award winning actress is Greek?
Jennifer Aniston
Julia-Louis Dreyfus
Lucille Ball

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A Yia Yia is what to you?
Paternal uncle

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A horiatiki salad contains what?
Tomato, fennel, pistachios
Apples, carrots, lemon juice
Tomato, feta, cucumbers

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The evil eye wards off what?
Bad weather
Malicious spirits

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In My Big Fat Greek Wedding, the patriarch, Gus Portokalos, fixes his ailments with what?
Garlic powder

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Name the poet who wrote the Iliad and the Odyssey?

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Why do they spit on the bride at Greek weddings?
For good luck
For a laugh
To prove loyalty to the grooms family

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When did Athens host the summer olympics?

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Athena is the goddess of what?
Love & Beauty
Nagging & Whining
Wisdom & War

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On a cold day, what do you fix yourself?

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In the United States, what city has the largest Greek population?
Austin, Texas
Cincinnati, Ohio
Tarpon Springs, Florida

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What type of diving did Greeks cultivate?
Cage diving
Scuba diving
Sponge diving

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What non-Greek actress named her daughter Olive?
Julia Roberts
Drew Barrymore
Demi Moore

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The colors of the Greek flag are believed to represent what?
Blue skies & white waves of the land
Blue eggplant & white feta of the food
Blue eyes & white hair of the Gods
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