Quiz: Are You Hawaii Enough To Answer These 16 Questions To Perfection?

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Aloha! Let's see if you can ace this Hawaii test

A sixteen question quiz to test your knowledge on Hawaiian culture, foods, ecosystem, and much more!

 Sep 26, 2017
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What song did the famous Hawaiian singer, IZ, cover?
Billie Jean
Somewhere Over The Rainbow
Feliz Navidad
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What is Spam masubi?
Spam & pineapple spears
Spam stew
Spam with rice & seaweed
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When do you get lei'd?
When you finish your meal
When you land or enter a hotel
When you enter a body of water
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What city in O'ahu has the best surf in the winter?
North Shore
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What is a common side dish in Hawaiian cooking?
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What famous ABC show filmed in Hawaii for the duration of the series?
Gilmore Girls
How to Get Away with Murder
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What is the best fruit to eat in Hawaii?
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What do people from Hawaii call sandals?
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The University of Hawaii mascot is what?
The Big Kahuna
Moana the Hunter
Vili the Warrior
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What is a malasada?
A deep-fried treat
An insult
A type of surfboard
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True or false: Hawaii doesn't observe daylight savings time?
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In Hawaii, it is customary to _____ your shoes before entering someones house.
take off
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A good treat to eat in order to cool down is what?
Ice cream
Shave ice
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Humuhumunukunukuapua’a is a what?
A made up word
A the state fish
The noise an animal makes
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True or false: Hawaii has some of the worst traffic in the United States?
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How many military bases are in Hawaii?
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