The Many Reasons Why Women Read Romance Novels

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Why Do Women Read Romance Novels? It's Not Rocket Science, but We'll Tell You

If you haven't noticed, we love books here at From thrillers to romance novels, we love reading great novels written by talented writers.

Whatever your reason may be for reading romance novels, we salute you. The genre often has preconceived notions or annoying stereotypes.

So if you're wondering why people, specifically women, read romance novels, we're here to answer that question. If you're concerned for your wife, loved one, or coworker, don't be.

What Are Romance Novels?

What does it sound like? Novels that are written based on romance between two or more characters. There are elements of love, relationships, sex, and romance interwoven through every page. Most romance novels have a happy ending accumulating in happiness for the title characters.

Some romance novels are say, cheesier than others, while some are extremely sexual. There are many subgenres to choose, from Amish romance novels to time travel ones.

Is It Harmful to Read Romance Novels?

Some people (cough, men, cough) might have concern surrounding romance novels. If you're in a relationship, your significant other might ask:

"Should I be concerned my wife is reading romance novels?"

"Do romance novels hurt marriages?"


In my opinion, romance novels aren't harmful to a relationship. I think if you're concerned that a romantic book is affecting your wife, relationship, or marriage, you might want to take a look at what you're contributing to said relationship. Books are powerful, yes and they might motivate us to be better or do grander things with our lives, but tearing a relationship apart should not be your main concern.

The Psychology Behind Why Women Read Romance Novels

So why do we read romance novels in the first place? Well, reading is a form of escapism and romance novels fuel fantasies and desires. I might not want to date the cowboy bad boy, but that doesn't mean I don't want to read about him swooning the girl next door. By reading romance novels, women get to live vicariously through these characters, reliving fantasies and hypothetical relationships over and over again.

The same way we play with dolls as children, to use our imagination in a world that doesn't exist with scenarios and characters that are made up, hold true to why romance novels are so tempting and to some, addicting.

So, Why Do Women Read Romance Novels?

There are many reasons and of course, I can't speak for a whole population of readers or women, but I can give insight into why some women read romance novels.

1. To Escape From Their Day-to-Day

If you haven't heard, women have it rough in our modern world. Breaking the glass ceiling is exhausting and reading a fun romance novel is anything but. We need something to read that gives our mind a break that could potentially get us horny. That's all.

2. Because It's Still a Book

After all, we're still reading something. Just because it isn't Infinite Jest doesn't mean it should go unread.

3. They Might Love Love (and Sex)

Maybe Gone Girl isn't your style. That's okay. Romance readers probably like reading about love and relationships. Maybe it's their version of porn. There are many romantic and sexual elements to romance novels that fulfill the reader in more ways than one.

4. For the Drama

Yes, even if your real life is filled with drama, it's fun to read outlandish, dramatic elements in romance novels. I'll never fall in love with an evil Duke from a noble family in England, but I sure can enjoy reading about it.

5. But Also, for the Happy Ending

In life we might not always get a happy ending but in romance novels, it's almost guaranteed.

Why You Should Be Reading Romance Novels

They cause no harm and cost very little, some are even online. Romance novels are harmless but can bring much joy to a reader. They can be ridiculous, fun, or heartfelt, but they are adorned by many people around the world, mostly women. If you're looking for an escape, romance novels can be your getaway car.

There are still problems that plague the romance industry, but as it continues to change and adapt, so will the dedicated audience.

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