5 Reasons Why Sweetgreen Needs to Come to the South Bay

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It's time for Sweetgreen to grace the South Bay.

Gimme the Greens: My Crusade to Get Sweetgreen to the South Bay

Try as I might, I will use my platform for good. As a writer and editor I get to reach an audience and provide them with (hopefully) entertaining content. Today, that means an aggressively public attempt at getting a Sweetgreen restaurant to the South Bay.

What is Sweetgreen? What is "the South Bay"? All of your questions will be answered, as will my explanation over writing such a passionate article about a place that sells salads.

Won't you join me?

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Where Exactly is the South Bay?

The South Bay is a stone's throw away from the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles. Luckily for some of us South Bay residents, not many Los Angelenos either know of the area and if they do, most think it's too far from L.A. proper. While it is nestled miles away from say, West Hollywood, it is by no means out in the boonies. If you hear someone say they are from the South Bay, they could be from any one of such places:

  • El Segundo
  • Manhattan Beach
  • Hermosa Beach
  • Redondo Beach
  • Torrance
  • Palos Verdes
  • San Pedro
  • Harbor City
  • Wilmington
  • Inglewood
  • Hawthorne
  • Lawndale
  • Carson
  • Lomita

Of course, there are more cities the make up the South Bay, but you probably understand the region by now. Because of the location, the South Bay is hard to get to, generally speaking. A commute from Beverly Hills to El Segundo could take over an hour, thus making it a more specific place to live for certain people. With close proximity to beaches, a strong school system, and access to freeways and LAX, there are plenty of people keeping the small cities in the South Bay alive. And commerce is alive and well, thanks to various industries and companies like Boeing, Honda, Skechers, and Manhattan Beach Studios, to name a few. Not only will people get in their cars and seek this location out, like every modern day foodie, they'll find it on Postmates.

Which brings me to my plight. Getting a Sweetgreen to the South Bay.

Why Sweetgreen?

You might ask, why are you so passionate about Sweetgreen?

It might not be the most exciting answer but... Sweetgreen is really good. Fresh ingredients, seasonal menus, and healthy options are all idyllic pieces of a puzzle that would fit perfectly in the South Bay. If you haven't heard, Sweetgreen has seen ridiculous success and recently received $200 million dollars in funding. Clearly investors agree, Sweetgreen is a one-of-a-kind salad spot garnering huge attention. It also seems like an amazing place to work.

*A tweet people in the South Bay don't get to enjoy...

5 Reasons Why Sweetgreen Needs to Come to the South Bay

1. People in the South Bay Are Bored of the Same Stuff

Thanks to developments like The Point and the renovation of the Del Amo Mall, residents are seeing a resurgence of new and exciting businesses. But it's not enough. Healthy options, affordable pricing, and a easy access is key in the South Bay (and everywhere else) and a Sweetgreen would thrive. I dread going on my lunch break, because I'm surrounded by the same things! Add a Sweetgreen to any one of the office parks in the South Bay and such a location would thrive. It might not be Times Square, but foot traffic and the desire for a healthy lunch would bring customers to such a location.

2. Healthy Access for All

Sweetgreen has many locations, all seem to be in thriving or flourishing neighborhoods. The South Bay is made up of a wide demographic of people, thus a Sweetgreen would create access to healthy, affordable food, and in fact, might even "inspire healthier communities."

3. Utilize and Employ Locals in Farming, Restaurants, and Beyond

Oh hello, we have people looking to work for a place with good pay and even better benefits. Just because we're on the other side of the 10 doesn't mean we'll be ignored. And let's not forget all of our local farmers and markets that make supporting local businesses attainable.

4. It's On Brand

The South Bay is by no means new or developing, but there are areas that would fit with Sweetgreen's aesthetic and brand. The Point in El Segundo is a new outdoor shopping area with restaurants and businesses that align with Sweetgreen's ethos.

5. There's a Demand for It and Her Name Is Sophie Matthews

Most people like salad, most people like eating salads. I don't dare speak for an entire population of people but suffice it to say, there's a demand for good quality food (especially Monday thru Friday during lunch!!!!) and people who live, work, or are passing through the South Bay would surely stop for a bite.

*Must be nice to eat at a place Fast Company labeled as "innovative".

Sweetgreen to the South Bay, Please

So, like Superman, I am using my powers for good. Writing a plea for a couple thousand people. Sweetgreen, a large chunk of Los Angeles is asking you make your way south of LAX. It's not that hard. I'm available for the ribbon cutting ceremony when you decide to come to your senses.

Let's Keep the Conversation Going...

Will Sweetgreen open up a restaurant in the South Bay after reading this article? We want to know!

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