What Is MoviePass? All You Need To Know About The Subscription Service


So, what is MoviePass? Here's everything you need to know about the subscription based ticket service that is sweeping the nation.

What Is MoviePass Movie Subscription Service

You might be asking yourself, what is MoviePass the ticket subscription based service I've been hearing everyone talk about? If you love movies or going to the theater, this is perfect for you. With award season in full force it might be time to watch all the Oscar-nominated films this year.

What Is MoviePass? Here Are The Things To Know About The Subscription Ticket Service

MoviePass is a subscription service, where you can "watch the latest movies, in certain theaters for much less than the price of a single ticket, per month, with no commitment". If you've been to the movies recently, you know how pricey tickets can get, add that cost to a date night or even popcorn and drinks and you've spent close to $100. With MoviePass, you pay a monthly rate and get to see all the latest movies in "over 4,000 theaters and more than 36,000 screens".

How Do I Get A MoviePass?

Signing up is easy. To get a MoviePass simply go to their website, register, and you'll get a MoviePass card in the mail. Your first month will not begin until you receive your MoviePass card or until you use MoviePass at a supported e-ticketing theater.

How Does A MoviePass Work?

Once you've received your card in the mail, you can start going to the movies! You can see one movie, per day at a number of theaters in the U.S. excluding 3D or IMAX. Subscribers are happy to know that the previous membership charge of $30 per month, is no more.


How Much Does A MoviePass Cost?

A MoviePass membership costs $9.95 a month. Without MoviePass tickets for adults can range from $14 to $20 at various theaters. By choosing the MoviePass subscription service, customers benefit enormously.



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