What Exactly Is A Meet-Cute In Romantic Comedies


The Meet-Cute

If you've never heard the term 'meet-cute' you might be confused. What is it? Where did it come from? Why am I reading a very funny article about it? There are so many questions to be answered, and fear not my friend, you will understand it all momentarily.

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The Origin Of The Meet-Cute

The term dates back to 1938 in a movie titled, Bluebeard's Eighth Wife where stars, Gary Cooper and Claudette Colbert meet while shopping for pajamas. They exchange cute, easy conversation introducing themselves to each other, thus starting their romance.

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What Is A Meet-Cute?

Meet-cutes are synonymous with romantic comedies. Boy and girl meet in a funny and romantic way, romance ensues. Simply put, it's when two characters meet, in a cute way... pretty on the nose, right?

The meet cute doesn't necessarily have to be positive, many characters meet when they're annoyed or uninterested with the other.

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What Are Some Examples Of A Meet-Cute?

You've likely seen a meet-cute in many, many films.

When Harry Met Sally: From the genius mind of Nora Ephron comes a classic film that is praised to this day. The two main characters meet through a mutual friend and embark on a cross-country road trip, based purely out of convenience—Sally has a car and they both need to make it to New York City. The two are so dissimilar, they seem to annoy one another. It isn't until years later that they meet again, but their first rather tumultuous interaction marks their meet-cute.

The Big Sick: After heckling him on stage, comedian Kumail approaches Emily after his set. She explains she was cheering him on. He disagrees. Their banter ends with her asking "So if I yelled out, like, ‘You're amazing in bed,' that would be a heckle?" and he responds, in a new-age meet-cute manner, "Yeah, it would be an accurate heckle."

Notting Hill: A romantic movie for the ages, the meet-cute is cuter thanks to Hugh Grant's fumbling personality. Will accidentally runs in to actress, Anna Scott (played by Julia Roberts) and spills his orange juice all over her. Ever the gentleman, he invites her over to change, and so their relationship begins.

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Should I Try To Create Meet-Cutes IRL?

Of course, do what makes you happy. I will say, meet-cutes probably shouldn't be forced and may serve you better if the term is left on the big screen. The meet-cute serves as an introduction to the relationship of two characters, it might not serve you the same way. And while it is swoon-worthy in some cases, it might perpetuate a standard that isn't realistic in the modern dating world. But you never know when it comes to dating. Your eyes might meet with someone across the library, you might accidentally touch hands on your subway ride, or a stranger might take your Starbucks order instead of their own.