10 Warby Parker Glasses That Make Great Presents

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What an eye-catching gift!

10 Warby Parker Glasses That Anyone Will Love To Receive

With innovative designs, Warby Parker has become one of the fastest eyeglass companies in the world. The company set out to accomplish one goal—designer eyewear at affordable prices. And boy did they deliver. You can get some of the most durable frames for under $100.

No need to go to Wal-Mart or Lenscrafters for expensive frames that don't even look good. You also don't have to worry if a frame will fit, because they'll send options straight to your door.

And quite possibly, the most important factor about purchasing from Warby Parker means you'll be giving someone who needs glasses a pair. Buy A Pair, Give A Pair means when you purchase your affordably chic new glasses, you're giving a pair to someone who truly needs them. Because of this program, 4 million pairs of glasses have been distributed to people who didn't have access to visual aids.

If you're still looking for a gift for that special someone, giving a pair of Warby Parker glasses is not only a great gift idea, but extremely generous to someone who doesn't have the means to buy eyewear themselves.

Shop our favorites below!

1. Hughes

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Buy Hughes here.

Need a new gift for the man in your life? Pick up Hughes at Warby Parker and he'll thank you for your sincere gift.

2. Amelia

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Buy Amelia here.

Amelia is a classic thanks to the addition of the cat eye. You'll be the chicest friend in 2019 with these affordable frames.

3. Hallie

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Buy Hallie here.

Hallie is the new girl on the block that everyone wants to be friends with. Try something daring and snag some pink frames for your daughter, she'll think you're the coolest.

4. Eugene

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Buy Eugene here.

Tortoise frames will always be in style and Eugene makes that very apparent. For customers who prefer a payment installment, choose a $32 option to spread it out this holiday season.

5. Colby

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Buy Colby here.

Calling all metal frame lovers, Colby's your best bet. Not sure you'll love it? Warby Parker will send you various pairs in a plethora of colors to try on at home. You don't have to wait in line to try on hip glasses.

6. Jane

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Buy Jane here.

Jane is pretty, isn't she? She has a medium frame fit and comes with screws so you can adjust your new Warby Parkers as you please. We'd bet your friends will copy your style in the new year thanks to Jane.

7. Tilley

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Buy Tilley here.

Brighten up your sister's life and buy her Tilley. She comes in Petal Tortoise (pictured) and Grapefruit Soda. People will stop and ask what designer makes your sunglasses. Yes, they are that pretty.

8. Gemma

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Buy Gemma here.

Gemma is for the diva in your life who needs darker lenses to hide her eye rolls (me) and block the haters from her life. She's affordable too, which is a rare occurrence in the sunglass world.

9. Downing

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Buy Downing here.

Downing is perfectly unique for your fashion forward friend. With three colors to choose from you have plenty of options. The sunglasses are made of cellulose acetate which makes them durable! But the best part about Downing? Scratch-resistant leases.

10. Pearl

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Buy Pearl here.

Look at that winged cutaway detail at the temple! Pearl is a wide frame fit, she doesn't discriminate face shape. She'll block 100% of UVA and UVB rays, saving your eyes from that pesky sun. Thank you, Pearl!

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