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33 Vanderpump Rules Quotes That Should Be On Every Bravo Fan's Tombstone

Vanderpump Rules is quite possibly one of the greatest television shows to ever exist. Welcome to my Ted Talk.

If you haven't watched Bravo's Vanderpump Rules, I will personally message you my Hulu login in order for you to witness reality television gold.

Born out of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, VPR followed a group of friends who were trying to make it in Hollywood. But bills need to be paid and the struggling actors, musicians, and eventual Instagram celebrities worked at Lisa Vanderpump's SUR: Sexy, Unique, Restaurant. While it might sound unremarkable to some, the dynamics of the group shifted every episode, as they constantly lied and cheated with or against one another.

Years later, the show is a bit different, a few cast members have settled down, bought houses, and yes, even started businesses (albeit, with help from Vanderpump herself) and all of them seem to be inching towards adulthood. Slowly.

That being said, there are some insanely entertaining quotes uttered by each cast member over the course of the show. If you love the show (or love to hate the show) you'll definitely enjoy some of the best Vanderpump Rules quotes.

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Vanderpump Rules Quotes

  • "I'm not really sure what I've done to you but I'll take a Pinot Grigio." - Stassi schroeder

  • "It's not about the pasta!" - James Kennedy

  • "I've really been focusing on my t-shirt line." - Kristen Doute

  • "I would smile right now, but the Botox is just not letting me." - Scheana Marie

  • "She's a full-on, bunny boiler psycho." - Ariana Madix

  • "I can't cry because these eyelashes are mink." - Scheana Marie

  • "Everyday is a good time to take your top off!" - Lala Kent

  • "Honey, you ain't gonna have this young good looking thing." - James Kennedy

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Vanderpump Rules Quotes

  • "I'm smarter than you, I'm prettier than you, get the f--k over it." - Ariana Madix

  • "I want to wrap a dildo in acid and give it Kristen as a present so it tears out her insides." - Stassi Schroeder

  • "If I was sorry for it, I would've done it one time. But I did it twice." - Jax Tayor

  • "You're not important enough to hate. Sit down." - Lisa Vanderpump

  • "Watch out bitches...I'm back." - Stassi Schroeder

  • "Your (clap) man (clap) made (clap) out (clap) with (clap) my (clap) friend." - Lala Kent

  • "WHYYYYYY!?" - James Kennedy

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Vanderpump Rules Quotes

  • "It just melts my ice cold heart." - Stassi Schroeder

  • "Hashtag it's all happening." - Scheana Marie

  • "I'm sorry I called you a twat." - Lala Kent

  • "I want chili's." - Tom Schwartz

  • "Why is this harder than my divorce?" - Scheana Marie

  • "I've been known to get a little emotional." - Tom Sandoval

  • "I don't like the sound of your voice." - Tom Schwartz

  • "I feel like someone is going to be stabbed with a diamond." - Stassi Schroeder

  • "I don't want to wake up like you every morning with hatred and anger in my heart." - Katie Maloney

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Vanderpump Rules Quotes

  • "This is already the worst day of my life." - James Kennedy

  • "I need to get drunk." - Lala Kent

  • "I fear for anyone who f--ks with me." - Kristen Doute

  • "I'm cautiously optimistic." - Ariana Madix

  • "Rot in hell Jax." - Brittany Cartwright

  • "I'm always right, so I know." - Stassi Schroeder

  • "Let's go make some bad decisions." - Jax Taylor

  • "My god, unlimited breadsticks?" - Tom Schwartz

  • "I'm officially divorced!" - Scheana Marie

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