Here Are Some of the Most Dramatic Fights On Vanderpump Rules

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These 10 Vanderpump Rules Fights Might Bring Fans Too Much Joy

If you're anything like me, Vanderpump Rules brings you an insane amount of joy. The cast, after all, is perfect. A group of friends who have loved one another as much as they have hated each other. They have matured and developed over the last few seasons, but something will always remain the same: the fights.

While, I do not condone violence, it is my pleasure to share with you some of the best Vanderpump Rules fights that the cast has offered us. From fights about cheating to fights about Italian food, there's something ridiculous and entertaining about watching the cast of Vanderpump Rules fight with each other.

God bless Bravo.

1. Jax & Stassi Breakup (Again?)

Remember when Stassi and Jax dated? Well, thanks to YouTube we get to relive this particular fight over and over again. And who doesn't want to watch two people break up at The Grove? I certainly do.

2. James vs. Jax

Jax never seemed to like James and in this fight, it's almost Olivia Newton John, physical. When Jax and Kristen crash James's DJ set, shit (and glass) hits the fan. At times it seems like James can't win with the rest of the cast, but his cockiness seems to rub everyone the wrong way. I wonder why.

3. James vs. Jax Round Two

Oh and we're back. James knows exactly how to turn Jax's face to a healthy shade of red. He pushes all of his buttons (calling someone old and fat might do that) and stands behind Lisa when he's hurling insults. While fighting and getting physical is stupid, scenes like this prove how much Vanderpump Rules resembles a Shakespearean comedy of errors.

4. Stassi Is Not Happy With Kristen

Stassi and Kristen are best friends. Tom and Jax are best friends. Jax dates Stassi, Tom dates Kristen. One big happy family, right? Not when Jax and Kristen secretly hooked up! When Stassi learns her best friend and boyfriend had sex, things get physical.

5. Scheana Against Everyone Else

Scheana, Scheana, Scheana. All the women might be inebriated, but Scheana can't talk any sense into her two friends, Stassi and Katie. Scheana doesn't understand why Stassi and Katie are so mad at her and they don't understand why she can't be loyal to one friend group. This, my friends, is what reality TV dreams are made of.

6. Brittany & Jax Forever?

Brittany is still trying to deal with the news that her boyfriend, Jax, hooked up with their coworker, Faith. In this intense Vanderpump Rules fight, it seems Brittany is definitely not over his infidelity and her friends are helping her catch him in a lie. It's not pretty, but once again, we're thankful for the brave camera crew of Evolution Media.

7. Carter Goes Up Against Stassi & Katie

Even non-cast-member boyfriends aren't off limits when it comes to fighting on Vanderpump Rules. Kristen's boyfriend, Carter, has skated by pretty unscathed on VPR, but things change when Stassi and Katie are tired of how he treats their friend. Things get a little weird when the three start arguing on the bed he sleeps in every night with said friend, Kristen.

8. Tom & Katie Might Not Make It to the Altar

Katie and Tom had some serious fights the summer leading up to their wedding. To make matters worse they agreed on a joint bachelor and bachelorette party. Who does that!? Needless to say, things were a bit rocky for a while. But (spoiler alert) the two are happily married.

9. Jax & Stassi Have A Calm Brunch

I remember watching this fight during season one and thinking, "Wow, I love this show so much" and I've been saying that sentence ever since. But really who doesn't love a young fresh-faced Stassi reminding her loser older boyfriend (sorry Jax!) that she's the devil. And that devil grew up to be a New York Times bestselling author so you know what, dreams really do come true.

10. It's Not About the Pasta Between Lala & James

Lala and James were best friends until James flew off the handle over leftover pasta. That being said, it's an iconic moment in an iconic television show with an iconic cast. When I'm on my deathbed I'll make sure everyone knows, "it's not about the pasta."

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