7 TV Shows You Didn't Know Were Based on Books

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Who knew?

We Bet You Didn't Know These 7 TV Shows Were Based on Books

If you're a book nerd like me, this list might not surprise you.

But guess what? These TV shows were based on books and you might've had no idea. So many books are being adapted to film and television because authors and writers are creating great characters and fascinating plot lines.

We highly recommend reading books before you watch them on the small and big screens. But if you fall in love with a show you get a little surprise added... a book! So get to reading and learn what TV shows are actually based on books.

1. Under the Dome

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Leave it to Stephen King to serve as inspiration for a television show. Sadly, The Dome wasn't well received by audiences but that doesn't mean you shouldn't read the classic novel. When a transparent dome divides the town of Chester's Mill, the residents must learn how to survive, in and out of the mysterious dome.

2. Darkly Dreaming Dexter

Read the book here on Amazon.

Your favorite Showtime program, Dexter was based on the novel Darkly Dreaming Dexter. If you were a fan of the show then turn to the book to get some detailed insight into the life of the brutal serial killer. With brutal detail and imagery, you'll fall in love with Dexter again, for better or for worse.

3. The 100 Series

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The 100 series is a New York Times bestselling novel that inspired the television show. If you love sci-fi and alternate universes, you'll love both the book series and the television show. If you need more than the show can offer don't worry, the series has four books waiting for you.

4. Fresh Off the Boat: A Memoir

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Fresh Off the Boat is one of the funniest shows on television and little did you know it's based on Eddie Huang's memoir. You'll learn all about culture shock when you learn about Huang's exciting and hilarious childhood. Then, tune into the beloved television show to see it play out on screen. Assimilate with the Huang family on paper and on screen.

5. The Haunting of Hill House

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Netflix released The Haunting of Hill House and thank the lord they did. It is one of the best television shows, maybe ever. It's layered and multi-faceted, something that is done so well thanks to showrunner, Mike Flanagan. The book is just as creepy and the show pulls a lot of details from Shirley Jackson's novel. True fans will appreciate the subtle sentiments the actors and creators embedded into the television show.

6. The Starter Wife

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Debra Messing starred in the USA Network television show but the content was created from the novel of the same name. Sadly, the show only made it for one season but the book will satisfy any fan who wants more from protagonist (and starter wife) Gracie Pollock.

7. Sweetbitter

Read the book here on Amazon.

Recently renewed for a second season, Sweetbitter was a book before a Starz hit. Both deserve your attention. The novel, written by Stephanie Danler is so, so good and a deep dive into the restaurant industry of New York City. Once you're done devouring the book take a look at the TV show and see if you imagined anything similar.

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