6 TV Shows About Death and Dying That Need To Be Seen

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Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Pass the tissues!

6 TV Shows About Death and Dying

If you're lucky, you've never had to deal with death or dying. The immense pain, confusion, and anger death brings to the living is extreme. Whether it's losing someone from cancer or dealing with the ramifications of suicide, death is one evil bitch.

But watching television can be extremely therapeutic especially in regards to death. Sometimes it's a cathartic cry that can help the healing process. How about a big old laugh about something ridiculous, exaggerated, or stupid? Either way these 6 shows about death or dying will make you cry, laugh, or help you cope with loss.

1. Grey's Anatomy

Grey's Anatomy has certainly had some rollercoaster plot lines but the death-related stories are certainly, depressing. While some deaths are portrayed in exaggerated or insane ways, the pain, emotion, and recovery is extremely honest.

2. Six Feet Under

Six Feet Under follows the Fischer family as they navigate their lives and careers as owners of a funeral home. Each episode starts with a death and provides the audience with a wide variety of characters who each experience and subsequently react to death in many different ways.

3. Breaking Bad

Obviously, this show is about drugs, scandal, and deception but it stems from death and dying. Walter White is diagnosed with cancer which is the catalyst to his new life as a meth dealer. In a round about way, creator Vince Gilligan showcases the character development of someone who has everything, and nothing, to live for.

4. The Sopranos

Yes, technically this show is about death and dying. While it might not be because of natural causes, it does express the toll death (or murder) takes on mob boss, Tony Soprano. Some death scenes are gruesome, but so is the mob. Even "evil" or "bad" characters react to death in ways we all can relate to, and that in part is why The Sopranos was such a successful show.

5. Dead Like Me

This dark comedy didn't last too long but it was a interesting twist on a sad subject. When Georgia dies she becomes one of the "undead" and must collect the souls of the living, right before they die. It's an interesting perspective that still touches on the living, and how hard it is to cope with the loss of a loved one.

6. The Walking Dead

This cult classic is about death, albeit when the dead return as zombies. But, dealing with loss while seeking answers can be applied to reality. Zombies might not be real, but the gravity of death and dealing with the dying, is realistic.