8 Top Podcasts That All Moms Should Listen To Right Now

8 Top Podcasts Will Help You Through Motherhood
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Required listening...during nap time.

8 Top Podcasts for Moms Everywhere

Podcasts are the rage these days and understandably so. They are relatively cheap to make, fun to create, and easy to digest. In a world with seemingly never ending commutes and travel time, podcasts help pass the time while actively learning about new topics.

And while there are many topics of podcasts that are popular, motherhood based podcasts are hitting the top of the charts. From honest and open conversations about parenting, to tricks and tips about child rearing, these are 8 top podcasts for moms that should be required listening. So, put the kids down for a nap and crank out your headphones, you'll be wildly entertained and inspired after each listen.

1. One Bad Mother

One Bad Mother via iTunes

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Hosts, Biz Ellis and Theresa Torn tackle motherhood with lots of humor. Best yet, they tackle the embarrassing and unglamorous aspects of being a mom. You'll feel better about your wild life with help from these funny moms.

2. Boss Mom

Boss Mom via iTunes

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Dana Malstaff is a boss mom and she's here to make sure you know you're one too. If you're a working mom, want to get back to work, or want to start something new, Boss Mom is the place to go for support and inspiration. The notion of raising a family and raising a business will inspire you to work towards your goals both personally and professionally.

3. Magic Lessons

Magic Lessons via iTunes

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Elizabeth Gilbert is a New York Times bestselling author. You might've heard of her novel, Eat Pray Love. Or perhaps her wildly successful inspiring book tilted, Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear. Gilbert knows how to inspire others and follow your creative path in life. And this podcast is no different. Magic Lessons helps you overcome your fears and remain creative, especially for mothers who feel they may have lost a certain something when taking on such a drastic change in life.

4. Risen Motherhood Podcast

Risen Motherhood via iTunes

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If you're looking for something more spiritual, Risen Motherhood is the podcast for you. It reminds mothers that they are not alone and provides spiritual guidance and support for mothers who might be struggling with certain feelings. The podcast serves as a reminder that no mother is perfect and she shouldn't have to be.

5. Coffee + Crumbs

Coffee + Crumbs via iTunes

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Coffee + Crumbs initially started out as a blog where readers could find honest and pure first person stories of motherhood. Since then the company has expanded and recently started a podcast of the same name. The podcast details the ups and downs of motherhood and with over 50 episodes, you'll have some easy listening when the little ones are out of your hair.

6. Mom and Dad Are Fighting Podcast

Mom and Dad Are Fighting via iTunes

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Like most publications, Slate entered the podcast world with the perfectly titled, Mom and Dad Are Fighting. Hosts, Gabriel Roth, Rebecca Lavoie, and Carvell Wallace share tips on parenting and discuss current events with children in mind. Take a listen to the episode titled, 'Age of Fear' to hear about Kim Brooks and her insane story about motherhood.

7. Have A New Kid by Friday

Have a New Kid by Friday via iTunes

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There are many ways to raise a child but if you're having behavioral problems with yours, Dr. Kevin Leman's podcast might be of service to you. From tips to scientific reasoning you'll feel a little less alone with such a powerful resource bouncing in your ears.

8. Spawned with Kristen and Liz

Spawned via iTunes

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You'll want to sit with a nice glass of wine and listen to this one. Liz Gumbinner and Kristen Chase talk all things motherhood but they are holding nothing back. Packed with humor, you'll be laughing your few free minutes away and exclaiming, "it's funny because it's true" over and over again. With celebrity guests that keep the train rolling, you'll be subscribing to Spawned in no time.