How Amazon Let 'Good Girls Revolt' Slip Away

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WHAT DO WE WANT? Season 2!!!

Good Girls Revolt

Hollywood has been feeling the heat this past month, after allegations of sexual misconduct and harassment has been exposed. Producers, directors, and actors have been accused of inappropriate behavior, assault, and rape.

Actresses and women in many industries, came forward with their own stories. From Ashley Judd to assistants, women ignited a campaign about workplace harassment. #MeToo went viral, conveying just how many women have been affected by workplace harassment.

Another Hollywood executive has come under fire, Roy Price of Amazon Studios. A female colleague accused Price of sexual harassment at work and inappropriate text messages.

No Season Two

Price eventually green lit Good Girls Revolt, a story based on Lynn Povich’s memoir detailing the treatment, and subsequent discrimination lawsuit, of female journalists in the 70s. The show garnered fans quickly, and received a 96% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Like Hulu and Netflix, Amazon doesn't release viewership data. Estimates from Sony claim the show was successful, especially with the female demographic.

Fans have now taken to social media in hopes of reigniting the the spark of the show. Actress Erin Drake, who portrayed Cindy Reston said in a recent interview, “The show getting canceled in that way felt so horribly meta and such a horrific reminder of how far we haven’t come when one guy who seems didn’t even watch it just had the power himself to say no, no one gets to watch it.”

Don't Send a Man to Do a Woman's Job

Price’s behavior, and the cancellation of a show (the creator of the show claims Price didn’t know the characters names), proves how vital it is to have a diverse development process. Hollywood has been stuck in it’s ways for decades. Good Girls Revolt is a clear example of why deserving women need to be making important decisions, since it is effecting how we consume, and what we consume, on television.