Celebrity Photographer Banned From Conde Nast Amid Sexual Harassment Claims

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One perv down, billions more to go...

Conde Nast Crackdown

In “no shit news” celebrity photographer, Terry Richardson has been banned from working with one of the biggest publication companies in America.

On Monday night, an email had surfaced allegedly written by James Woolhouse, EVP of Conde Nast. In the email he states that “Conde Nast would like to no longer work with the photographer Terry Richardson”. He went on to mention if any of his work was pending publication to find something else to replace it.

A History of Creepiness

Magazines like Vogue and GQ fall under companies no longer allowed to work with the photographer. Celebrities who have been shot by Richardson include Miley Cyrus, Kylie Jenner, and Lady Gaga.

This blacklisting comes after literally, years of abuse by Richardson. Countless models have accused the photographer of inappropriate behavior and sexual assault. From insisting they call him “Uncle Terry” to stripping naked and asking them to touch his penis. Model, Jamie Peck recounts a time when she was modeling for Richardson and asked him if she could keep her underwear on as she was menstruating. Richardson proceeded to ask her to remove her tampon so he could play with it. She claims he also suggested making "tampon tea".


Perpetuating the Problem

From interns performing documented fellatio to exploiting young models for sexual favors, all of his predatory behavior had help from female assistants. Often his times the assistants lead girls to him and documented assault and nudity with his camera. Richardson’s story is not unique, just recently Harvey Weinstein came under fire for doing the same thing, setting up young, struggling actresses while promising wealth and fame, for sexual favors.

Terry Richardson has been sexually harassing and demeaning women for years. For the sake of “art” or otherwise, he is a predator that publishers and celebrities hired. In light of countless women coming forward to share their stories of harassment, assault, and rape, companies need to follow suit in retribution for these predators. Hiring and praising these powerful people only perpetuates the problem.

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