The Fast Facts You Need To Know About The Terrorist Attack In NYC

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Eight dead and 13 injured in New York City.

Eight Dead in NYC

On October 31st, a 29 year-old, Sayfullo Habibullaevic Saipov drove a rented Home Depot truck into a busy bike path in lower Manhattan, killing eight and injuring 13. Police found a note in the truck, claiming the attack was for ISIS. The terrorist lived in New Jersey and was not a suspect on any terror watch lists. New York City deputy police commmisioner, John Miller, made a series of statements, particularly about the Muslim population in the city.

He said, "there are hundred of thousands of law-abiding Muslims in New York City who are adversely affected by things like this. And it's probably a good time to say, we have seen in the aftermath of incidents like this, bias incidents, hate crimes, assaults. Anyone behind such a crime will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. As has been said here before, it is a time to come together and not to confuse this terrorist act with any broad brush against a religion or a particular institution".

An Uber Driver

As more information surfaces, it has been confirmed that Saipov planned the attacks for weeks, and consulted ISIS on how to carry it out. A search warrant was conducted at his home in Paterson, New Jersey and his wife is under investigation. Saipov was an uber driver in New Jersey for the last six months.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo commented on Trump's inability to call him or Mayor Bill de Blasio, "I am not bothered that the President didn't call. I am bothered by an attempt by anyone to try to politicize this situation. That plays right into the hands of the terrorists. They're trying to disrupt. They're trying to create mayhem. They're trying to divide. The point is to do the opposite. Is to unite, normalcy, proceed as one. So to politicize this event, I think, is wholly counterproductive.

New York Goes On

Additionally, Halloween continued as usual, and Mayor de Blasio urged citizens to commit to their routines. This Sunday, more than 50,000 runners and 2.5 millions spectators will gather in the city for the annual New York City Marathon. The Chief of police, Carlos Gomez promised an increase in security, more blocker vehicles, rooftop security, and sniper teams with heavy weapons throughout the city. Gov. Cuomo summed it up best, "the marathon will go on. Because New York goes on."