Tea with the Dames; The Cutest Movie You've Never Heard Of

tea with the dames
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You must learn all about 'Tea with the Dames' NOW!

Tea with the Dames; The Cutest Movie You've Never Heard Of - Must Watch Trailer

Once in a while a movie, or documentary, comes along that makes you delightfully excited. Excited to see it, excited to learn more, or just plain and simple, excited.

That's what happened, when, at my desk this morning, I watched the trailer for Tea with the Dames a cute documentary I had never heard of. I quickly sent the trailer to my coworkers, then my Mum (see, I'm a changed woman already). Not only did the four dames charm my pants off, the idyllic country-side where four prominent actresses gather over spa water, delighted me to my core.

While times are slowly changing, it's hard to find movies (nay, media) featuring women of a certain age. Thanks to Diane Keaton, Nancy Meyers, and a plethora of other trailblazer who employ women over the age of forty or even feature older main characters, there seems a slow shift in breaking the mold.

And we are lucky enough to add Tea with the Dames to a list of movies celebrating older women. The dames deserve it, they've made a name for themselves in a misogynistic and ageist industry and became some of the most prolific actresses of their time. So, without further ado, the trailer to the cutest movie you've never heard of...

Who Stars in Tea with the Dames?

The new IFC film stars Dames, Judi Dench, Maggie Smith, Joan Plowright, and Eileen Atkins. They share nominations, awards, and honors that span more than half a century. The ladies meet in the countryside for an honest and open discussion about all things; career, love, and relationships.

Tea with the Dames Trailer

Where to Watch Tea with the Dames

Fandango can help you find a theater that is showing, Tea with the Dames. Additionally, the documentary will be available to stream starting September 28th. Enjoy!

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