Taylor Swift's Latest Single 'Gorgeous' Drops

Taylor Swift

Who is this one about?!

Gorgeous Is Here

Taylor Swift released her newest single ‘Gorgeous’ off of her new album, ‘Reputation’ Thursday night. The song follows her two previous released singles, “Look What You Made Me Do” and “…Ready For It?”.

Not Without Shade

Swift is no stranger to songtroversy, a word I just made up, regarding her call-them-out-style lyrics. The album ‘Reputation’ has been rumored to take digs at Kanye West, regarding his “I made that bitch famous” lyric. When Swift publicly ridiculed the song, Kim Kardashian released a taped phone call between Kanye and Swift, where Taylor agrees that the lyric was “very tongue in cheek”.

‘Gorgeous’ already has some buzz regarding who it could be about. Some speculate it could be her newest boyfriend, Joe Alwyn, a British actor. There are already theories about Tom Hiddleston, too. Only real Swifties will figure it out.

In true Taylor Swift form, we know she’s written her latest album on people we’ve seen in the tabloids. From ex-boyfriends to the Kardashians, she stays on brand with her “write it like she sees them” attitude.


Swifties will have to wait till November 10th to see what else she has in store when ‘Reputation’ hits airwaves everywhere.

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