How SUBPAC's Audio Technology Aids the Hearing Impaired


SUBPAC is helping the hard of hearing feel music, and it's quite extraordinary.

SUBPAC Is Using Audio Technology to Help the Hearing Impaired

Love music? Wish you could experience it on a grander scale? Meet SUBPAC, a tactile audio system that'll have you feeling music instead of just listening to it. DJs and music producers are experiencing the physical dimension of sound, and now you can, too.

Better yet, SUBPAC is using innovation to help people. From anxiety to stress and wellness, SUBPAC products can help relieve tension and create a clear, calm mind both through music and motion. Additionally, they've teamed up to help the hearing impaired. By introducing the physical dimension of sound, those with hearing problems may now feel sound through vibrations thanks to a new music experience.


SUBPAC is changing the way we experience music. They're revolutionizing music by incorporating physical audio into video games, virtual reality, and cinema. Maybe even cars one day...

Producers, DJs, and sound engineers have the benefit of feeling their music by connecting to the bass, lyrics, and sound through feeling. Bass-lovers rejoice, you'll need SUBPAC products all around you.


The SUBPAC S2 is a seated tactile bass solution, which means you'll feel the bass when you wear this model. Prop it up against your seat or add it the passenger seat of you car for extreme listening. For DJs or producers, it's a great tool to feel the timing on songs to better treat your audience. Because it's removable, you have the ability to feel music anywhere.


Because the S2 was so popular, SUBPAC released the M2X with upgrades like increased dynamic range, better definition at higher levels, and a longer battery—seven plus hours, to be exact. SUBPAC is revolutionizing sound, so much so you can watch a movie with this model, you'll feel the music, sound, and energy of whatever you choose. Strap it around your chest and waist, like a backpack, and plug your headphones into the charger, pick your song, and feel the music.

How Does SUBPAC Help the Hard of Hearing?

While DJs and partygoers can experience the intense feel of sound for their pleasure, SUBPAC aims to help those who truly need it. For the hearing impaired, listening to music is often met with frustration or inability. Thanks to the SUBPAC innovations, they can experience the music in a totally new way, through touch.

SUBPAC supports The Muse Seek Project and the Maria Batlle Foundation, an organization dedicated in educating deaf students through music and technology. SUBPAC was able to record whale noises for a group of hearing impaired students that allowed them to feel the vibrations of the sound through the SUBPAC backpack. Because of this, students were able to feel the sound of the whales.

So sure, SUBPAC is revolutionary in music production, but their initiative is to help hearing impaired individuals experience sound and motion for good, and that's something we can stand behind.

Experience Music in a New Way

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