Saturday Night Live Welcomes Us To Hell

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Cat's out of the bag, women get harassed all the time!

SNL Welcomes Us To Hell

What a time we live in, right? Mornings use to mean eating Cherrios and watching Matt Lauer. Kevin Spacey tucks some of us in at night with House of Cards on Netflix. And now all of that is ruined, isn’t it? Producers pulled Louis CK's latest movie and Charlie Rose lost his job. Sexual assault allegations have become more public in the past few months than ever before. It’s a good thing, women finally have the courage to speak up and tell their stories of the horrible things done to them by men in power. Even still, some people think it’s a massive witch hunt while others whine about the end of House of Cards. And many think it’s the first time this has happened, maybe partly because it’s the first time they’ve heard of it.

It's Button-Under-The-Desk Bad

So leave it to Saturday Night Live to create a video lambasting those of whom have lived under a rock. SNL invites us to hell, aka life as a woman. Guest host Saoirse Ronan joins cast members, Cecily Strong, Kate McKinnon, Aidy Bryant, Leslie Jones and Melissa Villaseñor to detail the hazards of being a woman, every day. From Ubers to offices, nothing is safe. Written by an all female team consisting of cast members, Strong, Bryant, and McKinnon, the incorporation of two female SNL writers, Anna Drezen and Sudi Green, are welcomed additions.

Read the entire skit here.

This Ain't A Girl Group We Just Travel In A Pack For Safety

Aidy Bryant took to Instagram to share a behind the scenes look at filming. Comments on her picture range from “best thing I’ve ever seen”, “this was amazing and spot on and all the things” to “Vans. Vans are ruined”. Although, stevec4762 was not a fan of this sketch, “Horrible. Absolutely a train wreck!”. Guess the age old statement stands true, can't win 'em all!


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