Book Review: Look Alive Out There By Sloane Crosley


Look Alive Out There Is A Welcomed Collection Of Essays From Author, Sloane Crosley

I am quite possibly a day late and a dollar short with this review. Sloane Crosley has received incredible praise for her recent compilation of essays titled, “Look Alive Out There.” Released in early April, critics and editors alike have marveled at Crosley’s stories.

I have been a fan of Crosley’s since “I Was Told There’d Be Cake,” which Amazon so kindly reminds me that I bought on March 18th, 2014. I read it with my Los Angeles-based book club and we all loved the funny, honest stories Crosley laid out in short and sweet chapters.

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Praise For "Look Alive Out There"

If you haven’t read Crosley’s writing, I feel sorry for you. And I’m confused by you. The internet exists, and you need to come out of the rock you live under. She’s written for various publications from a little newspaper by the name of The New York Times, to an even smaller website titled, Vanity Fair.

Steve Martin loves her! He was quoted (Q-U-O-T-E-D, I tell you) praising “Look Alive Out There”, “Sloane Crosley does the impossible. She stays consistently funny and delivers a book that is alive and jumping." She writes like how I’d like to speak, soft but credible, smart and endearing, and the least bit obnoxious, which I find is a rare trait in essay writing these days.

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Someone (credible source, I promise) dubbed her “the millennial’s Nora Ephron,” which I can only imagine is on par with being knighted. Or for us normal people, like being the first to take a bite out of the good seven-layer dip from Bristol Farms. And guess what? The praise is well deserved. “Look Alive Out There” is an enjoyable read with essays that are written so seamlessly, I should give up writing now.

The second essay titled, “Outside Voices” will getcha. You’ll relate, whether you own your home or rent one with a popcorn ceiling. In it, Crosley fights with her teenage neighbor, and she stops at nothing to maintain a tranquil living environment in one of the loudest cities. Teetering between humorous and realistic, Crosley still seems to be the most level-headed friend I’ve never met.

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There are many great essay collections available to readers on Amazon, and just generally, in the world. Bad Feminist by Roxanne Gay, Bad Dreams, And Other Stories, Consider the Lobster: And Other Essays, Feel Free by Zadie Smith, the list goes on and on. They begin and end in a few pages, but talent is not lost in the brevity of the book. In fact, and especially in Crosley’s case, it is incredibly impressive what she does in less than 10 pages.

I am so excited to share this collection of essays with you, dear reader, because it’s truly an entertaining read, one that you’ll surely miss out on if you don’t do yourself a favor and read it. Give it to your niece, who is graduating college and scared shitless of the real world. Give it to your mom for Mother’s Day so she feels “hip” and “with the times” but in a very attainable way. Just get it, okay?

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